Please include:

  • A brief description of your project or goal.
  • Your deadline or projected completion date.
  • A time frame when you could use the assistance.
  • How EHVAP might assist you and where in the NYC area the assisting would take place.

For examples of other peoples application statements click HERE. You may also apply for EHVAP at the bottom of this page.

If you prefer your request not be posted you may email

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17 Responses to “APPLY FOR EHVAP”

  1. May Kosaka Says:

    I’m designing & creating the lookbook of my women’s fashion collection. I’d like it to be artistically done, and to reflect the aesthetic of the garments. I’m almost done retouching the photos, and will soon have to figure out the order if the images & presentation, then print them out & put them together into book (or some other) form. I could use the help of someone creative, such as Michael Berens!

    A buyer & certain clients are waiting for this lookbook. It’s a Fall 2006 Collection, and I need the summer to produce garments to fill the orders. So it’s time sensitive, and should be done ASAP.

  2. Laura Barnett Says:

    I have been developing a public art project for five years and collaborating with a partner on the piece in its current form since last spring. The project is titled INSIDE/OUT. It is an interactive performance that takes place in a storefront window. In this performance, I invite the audience/pedestrians to leave anonymous confessions and my colleague paints the portraits of passers-bys. Thus far, we have collected thousands of written words and images. We have performed in storefronts and festivals in NYC, in a gallery in Berlin, and have been invited to be in Rome in winter 06. The long term goal is a book. The short term goal I would like assistance with is archiving – secrets written on tracing paper need to be sorted and put away properly and portratis that need to be scanned and sent to participants. The piece garnered attention this past run (The NYTimes ran a feature and The New Yorker ran a photo), but it is primarily self-financed and it is hard to stay on top of it all for many reasons and it would be great to have fresh eyes/hands. In terms of timetable, I am flexible. I would like to begin archiving in June or July. The location is Manhttan. I appreciate your project for its intention as written in the description and what I find to be a very human, generous approach.

  3. Zamira Says:

    I need your help to find good fabric paint. I want to paint fabric made out of natural fiber and use it directly on the fabric with brush (no dyeing). I would like to know the price and available colors. Once I receive this info from you, I will let you know the colors and quantity I need.

    Thank you for your consideration in helping me.

  4. Loren Ellis Art for Healing NYC org Says:

    We are in need of volunteers for our 9/11 book project of the human stories including children who were here on that day and after.
    We need volunteers to help get the word out basically and also to archive our history books here at the gallery.

    One can also work from home on the internet.
    Please visit our web site for more info or call or email me.
    Loren Ellis
    Director and artist
    212 977-1165 212 946-1160

  5. Service-Works Says:

    I need you to help me show my grattitude to a guy who works for an arts foundation who has listed my site free of charge. I’d like you to bake some cookies and hand deliver them to him at his office with a note thanking him for all that he has done. I will cover the cost of the ingredients.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

  6. Reuben Bechtold Says:

    I am in need of special assistance for a sort of live-art performance also known as fishing. This will be done by boat in the long island sound preferably during outgoing tide. Tasks at hand will include charting, navigation, rigging, bunker snagging as well as fishing. An integral part of this expedition is to observe and contemplate.

  7. Sanford Wintersberger Says:


    I am taking part in a group exhibition called “Growing up in Public” starting on September 6th.

    This is my project for the show:

    To develop performance pieces where the spectators participate: reciting lines fed to them with a teleprompter.

    In order to do this I will have to:

    a: build a teleprompter (easier than it sounds)

    b: develop content : The trick is to create texts for the spectators to read which makes the performance equally interesting to watch as to take part in.

    Here’s where I’m looking for help:

    Because the performances are designed for 2 or more people I need willing guinea pigs to participate in test runs which will allow me to refine the content. I will have a batch of about an hour of short teleprompter sequences to read through which we will critique.

    Any technical input on the building of the teleprompter would also be welcome.

    You can see one of my previous teleprompted performances at the “Growing up in Public” web site:

    Working on this project has been interesting and fun. I think you’d enjoy it.

  8. Sara Klar Referred Daphne Brucculeri Says:

    I am an artist currently upgrading my studio in preparation for a very focused painting period of 3 months within which time I will create a body of work for an upcoming solo exhibition.

    I need help installing one or two exhaust fans to pull out heavy paint fumes.

    I’m working under a tight time frame so the earliest time you have available would be a huge help!


  9. Markus Witthaut Says:

    Hello Michael,

    I need help fabricating a lamp that I designed. Except for the electrical components, the whole lamp will be constructed from discarded or found objects. There may be some dumpster diving involved.

    I’d be happy to meet with you and discuss the project further.


  10. Aaron O'Connor Says:

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks so much for your time and input.

    I have managed to fashion a bracket to make my Stereoscopic Super 8 prototype final functional!

    Also, I’ll be gathering up materials for the maquettes to be produced for my public art project. With the help of Eleventh Hour I may just meet my deadline (Dec. 29th ’06). I’ll contact you early next week and hope to pick up where we left off.

    Kind Thanks,
    Aaron O’Connor

  11. Anthony Says:

    I am writing for assistance in the biulding of a wall and door to seperate a space so that my new born baby can sleep and me and my lovely wife can still have some time with each other.I need help loading up some biulding materials to the second floor and some help with the construction of a wall and door. New life new space.
    thanks for your consideration.

  12. Daphne Brucculeri Says:

    Hi Michael,
    I need assistance with a painting project that has been lingering, unfinished for some time. I need a clean quiet work environment in order to finish this project. I only need a small corner of a studio and a chair.. This project is in affiliation with the Luekimia Lymphoma Society, and will benifit those who have donated $ to the society.
    I would like to finish this project before Christmas.

  13. Mike Godwin Says:

    Hey Michael,

    This is the Mike Godwin that worked with you at Chiodo Studios. I’m pleased to have found you again, and thought you’d be the perfect one to ask for some quick assistance. Here’s the rub:

    I’ve got an MFA thesis show that opens in 2 weeks (April 16th). I’ve started a church called the Church of Drawing and I have sort of a suburban chapel-like space in the museum maybe 15′ x 8′ of floor space. So far I’ve made a circular leaded glass window that hangs from the ceiling at the west side of the space, beneath it will be some informational tracts and Church of Drawing scapulars. Against the east wall I have a one of those catholic kneeling type things (prie dieu) with a drawing surface on the top of it – there will be a sketch pad there for people to make drawings if they so choose. There will also be some fake plants around for color and a nice little drawing that was done for me surrounded by a gilt-gold dried noodle frame.

    Here’s the trick, I’ve got a big old 15′ north wall and no great ideas for it. Some kind of drawings seem like a natural answer given the time frame – but what kind of drawings? Just random drawings that I make in the next 3 weeks on the subject of the church? Do I try to get local reverends to submit drawings? College students, kids off the street? (I’ve done that in the past so it wouldn’t be completely out of the ordinary).

    I was hoping that you might sketch out an idea or two for that wall. Even if I couldn’t pull off your idea in 2 weeks I could put up the drawing.

    Let me know if I can clarify anything. You’re a rock star. Give my hellos to New York, it’s been a while.

    cheers, mike

  14. Em Townsend Says:

    I want to make a Reliquary of natural found materials from Central Park – I would need help gathering these bits with someone who knows the park and can maybe walk around with me so I don’t feel too strange wandering into the untraveled parts of the park alone.
    I would take the nature bits I gather (stones, sticks, feathers, etc.) and some photos from the search, and make a Reliquary honoring Gaia and the natural world, and this reliquary as well as the photographic images would be incorporated into paintings done in my studio.
    Here is a website that shows some of this project:

    I am in New Jersey – not too far away, so the date is open – good weather and a few days notice of when you would want to help is all I need.
    Thanks for considering helping me!

  15. Evanice Says:

    Can you help me “make a statement”?

    I am inspired by your ability to merge opposing views of productivity through your Hammocanopy project and would like to add similar depth to the last paragraph of my graduate admissions statement.

    I would appreciate help with clarifying why I believe that graduate study and scientific research are guaranteed measures of noble work even when few things in life are guaranteed.

    Thank you for your consideration.
    I am sending the particulars through email.

  16. Paige Davis Says:

    The project that I want help with is preparing for the Art Practice Honors’ application at UC Berkeley and in the actual set-up/applying itself. I’ve heard that to apply, each applicant is given a certain amount of space to fill/furnish/exhibit our work with. My goal is to create a space that is impressive and makes those deciding feel that I deserve a semester in Honors for Art Practice at UC Berkeley.
    As you know, I am not the best at creating art on my own, and I feel that if I was accepted into Honors, I would get the needed encouragement/pressure that I need in order to fuel my practice and see myself as an artist. This is the ultimate goal.

    At this moment, the deadline is not known, but everyone is saying that “it’s coming up!” So, this project is tricky in that now it doesn’t seem pressing, but once we get the email, I will begin to freak out.
    Because of this unknown time frame, it would be awesome to meet with you whenever possible (as soon as available) to begin to talk about thoughts and ideas.

    I have a couple of pieces that I know I want to exhibit, but am at a loss for what else to show. I would love your help and advice as I need another set of eyes and thoughts to help build this showing — and I trust you! To be able to talk to someone who has been looking at and creating art for many years would be extremely valuable for me, and this would extend outwards from this finite goal and help inspire my future practice no matter what. This would take place within the vicinity of UC Berkeley/UC Berkeley.

  17. hollybradford45515 Says:

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