How long will it take for you to get back to me about my request?

I will reply to your request for EHVAP help as soon as possible. In most cases I will be able to send a reply within 24 hours.

How do you determine how much time you will spend on each project?

I will commit to a minimum of 2 hours on each project. After the initial 2 hours I will decide how much more time I can commit to that day. At the end of my assistance that day I will let you know if I am available for more assistance in the future. I will determine the amount of time I volunteer in much the same way that I decide to engage in most actions that occupy my free time.

What if I need help with some things like grocery shopping, doing my laundry or painting my apartment? Are tasks like that eligible for EHVAP help?

If your goal or project fulfils at least one of the criteria’s set forth under the heading: EHVAP will consider assisting the following types of projects I will assist you in anyway that will bring you closer to the completion of a specified project or goal.

What if my deadline is several weeks, months or years away but I could still use your help a.s.a.p. Would you still be willing to assist me?

EHVAP’s intention is to help individuals who find themselves in need of assistance during the eleventh hour or the tale end of a project. I realize that in some cases large projects have a critical path that consists of several small short term goals. Let’s say for instance you could really use the help right now but you are only in the first hours, days or weeks of a year long project. I would still be willing to help if you could explain your project within the frame of several short term goals leading up to the main goal with a specific completion date. That said, projects with a closer completion time receive precedence over those that have a goal or deadline that is further down the road.

What do you mean by “All projects assisted by EHVAP will be documented …with a brief written description and visual documentation.”?

This is the part of EHVAP whose structure is still open. It is my intention for the documentation to evolve in natural and unique ways from project to project. Please check the ASSISTED PROJECT ARCHIVE to see examples of project documentation.

What if I do not want certain aspects of my project documented on your site or my identity made public?

Because a main component of this project is the documentation of the projects that I assist I would like to be granted the ability to fully disclose anything relating to EHVAP. I will make exceptions in certain circumstances, like for instance you need help with a surprise party. If you request that your name or certain project specifics remain private. I will then craft a brief description to post with your approval in the archive that insures the anonymity of the project, your identity, or the person you are trying to surprise.

Are there any projects that you absolutely won’t consider?

Yes, if any actions within or relating to an assisted project can be considered a felony then I will not consider it for EHVAP help.

What if I live outside of the New York City Area but still would like to receive EHVAP assistance from you remotely, can I still apply?

I encourage everyone to apply regardless of there location. But since a main focus of EHVAP is assisting people directly face to face, precedence will be given to individuals who are in my area, which at the moment is NYC. Perhaps if the resources are available in the future I might be able to travel to other locations. Who knows I may just happen to be in your neighborhood at some point.

Why are you doing this? What’s in it for you?

My motivations for doing this project are not wholly altruistic. Its structure is intended to be mutually beneficial to all parties involved, myself included. What I hope to gain in doing this project are exactly the same things I stand to gain from any leisure time, creative or recreational activity. If you are still uncertain why I am doing this, think of the things that you choose to do in your leisure time. What motivates you to do those things? I feel those motivating factors are very similar to my reasons for creating this project.

If you have any questions that cannot be answered by the FAQ page please direct them to ehvaporate@gmail.com







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